Tuesday, August 9, 2011

School is Cool


I can't believe it has been a month since our last posting on our blog.  I'm sorry we were going to create a post before we went on holiday but that didn't happen.  We were enjoying ourselves on the school golden time trip to Hamilton.  All of the children who followed the golden rules last term got to watch Cars 2 at Chartwell and we devoured our fizzy drinks, popcorn and ice cream.  It was awesome! Thanks to our B.O.T who supported the children with funding for that.

We don't have any photos for you but Room 4 was working on creating posters and posts for the NZEI competition "School is Cool" the last week of the term.  We just wanted to share some of our art with you.  We all love coming to OPS school and although we had other pictures many of the children were away sick and never finished them.  Sid and Freddy did a video, but they forgot where they saved it and what they called it and Miss Matene couldn't find it anywhere.

Let us know what you like about your school.

Brody Telfer - A map of school playground
Cody and Hori - Proud to be at OPS

Forde, Tana and Trevor-Jack - Our School is Cool

Luce - What I like about my school

Sativa and Portia - This is my class.

Taipari - School is Cool

Yawden - My School