Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our thoughts on the new school logo designs

Here are some of the things that the children decided were important.....

Hopefully we'll get some more feedback from our parents.  So come on parent's let us know what you think.....

Our New Logo

Over the past couple of days we have been looking at how the school has changed in the last fifty years.  Our school is evolving rapidly and we want to find a new direction for the children to follow.  While thinking about this re-branding process we are exploring having a new logo for the school and our school's sports clothing.

The children were presented with 6 examples of the school logo.  Five of the designs are new and it included the old logo.  The children got the chance to think about which one they would like to have on their school t-shirts.  Then a group of 6 Room 6 children came in wearing a t-shirt that had been slightly modified to have each of the new logo designs.

After a few minutes of talking between themselves and looking at the model shirts the children were given a survey form to fill in with their top three choices.

What is your favourite logo design?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

School Photo Time

On Friday we were lucky enough to have everyone in our class here for school photos.  The children of Room 4 came to school all dressed up and ready to go.  Even though it was a freezing cold morning we were prepared to battle the elements and have our photo outside.  Although we can not show you the proper class photo, here is Room 4 pulling the most horrible faces they can.  Scary......

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Puzzle From the Wood Pile

 What is this you may ask .... Well, let Taipari tell you all about it.
This is a piece of wood my Nana found in her wood pile.  She thought it would be really neat if I showed it to my class.  My brother is going to show it to his class tomorrow.  He is in Room 1.  It is a piece of wood with another piece of wood stuck inside it.  My Nana thought that it must have come from two trees.  The big tree must have grown so big that it swallowed up the little tree.  I thought I couldn't take it out but I pulled really hard and it came out.  But now I can't put it back in properly and it looks like a cannon.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Kia Ora everyone,
Well what a wonderful weekend for us to remember to appreciate our Mother’s. I hope all of you spent a little bit of time trying to help your mother have a lovely relaxed day.

Happy Mothers Day From Room 4 on PhotoPeach

For all those mother’s out there reading this I thought I’d include this little clip that I found on Youtube recently…

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Doing the Time Warp

Hey guys,

We have just begun our official practices for the J-Rock competition in Hamilton.  We have 6 weeks and counting to learn all our dances and put them together into a great story.  We are so lucky to have an amazing choreographer in Melissa (a very talented local lady).  Anyway we have all been practising doing the Time Warp so this is what we have so far.

I'll keep you up-dated on our progress but I may not add any more videos - because we want to see you there on the night, so it'll have to be a surprise.

Computers, computers everywhere!

I was thinking about doing this at the end of last term but just ran out of time. The children in our class use the computer during our numeracy and literacy rotations everyday.

At literacy time they go on Study ladder...

Studyladder is a highly effective, logically organised, Mathematics and Literacy program. It has been developed by experienced educators to inspire and motivate learning. It is suitable for Primary and Junior High School students and is very easy to use - students simply login with a username and password to access all the learning materials.
Check it out!

At numeracy time they go on Mathletics...
Which is an Australian based site, which is great for enhancing the children's maths skills. It is suitable for Primary and Junior High School students and is very easy to use - students simply login with a username and password to access all the learning materials.
Check it out!

We are hopping to add quite a bit more as we go along this term but we have begun working hard on our J-Rock Stage Production (to be performed at Founders Theatre in Hamilton).

So keep checking back and seeing what's new....